Wednesday, August 24, 2016


Well I thought I would try and upload a cheery post today. Temperatures in the UK have been good and where I am now they are rocket high. Fiery.

It is coming up to the weekend and I hope to have a peaceful, restful and pleasant one.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Today's poem is about how people project their own behaviour on to others, often accusing them of things which they have done themselves. Having been subjected to this sort of dangerous behaviour myself from certain people I felt inspired to write this poem. It's a sad feeling when this happens and even sadder when other people believe the deception that is spread about you particularly if it could result in your demise or worse. The poem is written from the perspective of the victim and the mirror symbolises the culprit who reflects his/ her own demons onto the victim but ultimately there is no escape for the mirror. They are stuck with their inner turmoil. It's just how they're made.

The cracked mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall
You do this but it's I who falls

Mirror mirror on the wall
You smile for them and make me small

Mirror mirror on the wall
You play the system like a bouncing ball

Mirror mirror on the wall
You're cracked and warped and full of gall

I pity you. You're full of hate.
You taunt and tease with your animal bait.

There's something wrong with the way you see.
At least in time I know I'll be free.

But mirror you're stuck with your inner mind
Your warped and cracked strangeness defined

There's no escape for you I know
There's no where else that you can go

You're trapped inside your screwed up shell
Your life's bound to be a living hell.

So I pity you oh mirror true
It's just the way you are. It's you.

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Sweet Chariot

Sweet Chariot

Grey like a stone
In muddied walls
Clasping round a
Barren emptiness
Sealed in a shell
A voice sings out
Sweet Chariot

I have provided a link to Swing Low Sweet Chariot, a beautiful song which has come to be associated with rugby but which has as its origin a call for freedom from slavery. In essence a life beyond the one we live on earth. Be patient over what befalls you. Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 17, 2016


Today I felt inspired to write a poem about deception, how a woman is metaphorically stabbed in the back with a knife by someone who once loved her. This pierces through to her bleeding heart. The culprit gains in the short term but pays a heavy price. It is about how individuals trade their integrity or soul for gain! It is a work of fiction I hasten to add but one no doubt to which we can all relate!! See if you can figure out the play on words in the first line. Enjoy.

He smiles and he lies
His arms around me
A coiling snake
His tongue forked like a devil's
In sin

Sweet utterances
While harsh words
Stab in the back

A knife bleeds through
Back and heart
Shattering the peace
At a cost

The price of a soul.

Saturday, August 13, 2016

UK Summer 2016

Well it is about time I posted again as I realise it has been an embarrassingly long time since my last update.

After working on contract in school improvement overseas, I returned to the news that the work overseas was a great success. All three schools gained candidacy for an international body and two out of three gained three years accreditation by the local body. Much rejoicing is required!!

So here I am enjoying all that British summers have to offer - the sun (yes I got sunburnt in the UK of all places), the greenery and the shops. Sunburn aside Fairlop Waters one of the places where I enjoyed the greenery and sun is well worth a visit. The other- part of the Monmouthshire canal- also is worth visiting.

Since returning from overseas where I was working I have caught up with a number of friends in this post referendum UK and am determining how best this will impact us all here in the UK.

I tried out a few new eateries on my travels: one was the Feel Good Cafe in Chingford which while tucked away down a quiet walk way, had rave reviews and is well worth visiting. I indulged in a vegan burger and an organic lemonade drink which were lovely. If ever you are in the area why not visit? Another place in that area is the local cafe called Belgique which serves pastries and baked goods and sandwiches. Their cheese salad baguette was scrumptious.

The other vegetarian eatery I visited was the award winning Warehouse cafe  which again served a range of lovely vegetarian and vegan cuisine which a friend had kindly looked up for us.

 I also discovered the wonders of Druckers Vienna Patisserie.

A bit of time in West Wales was spent in a quiet corner on a writing and relaxation retreat after a hectic and very stressful year. Writing projects which have been much neglected may be revived but this all depends on what the future holds!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016


It has been longer than it should have been since I posted online so I thought that I would take some time out of my day to put pen to paper- or keys to screen.

I write from a Sunny clime where, as has become customary, I have been rushed off my feet, and consequently, I have become ill. Today has been a day to recover- or half  recover. Most of it spent sleeping but the next few minutes writing. Here are my efforts which I write whilst listening to the rain and wind fall in a distant land.


Adrift and carried by the wind
A silken feather floating by
Gentle breeze you touch me

Remind me I am alive.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New ventures

I'm happy to report that I am currently working with Scholastic Education on a number of titles, in a consultancy role preparing them for the UK market. I'm sure once they hit the shelves I'll be able to reveal all.

That (and travels overseas in April for work) means that there's a bit of flavour in my schedule for the next month or so.