Friday, February 15, 2013

News and Writing

Today I am battling with the common cold or a strange strain of February flu which has caused me to feel just a little under the weather. Still, it has forced me to take a break and to be lazy- something that I find quite difficult. I am forever finding things that need to be done. However just for a few days, I haven't done very much at all, and this has given me some time to write! Well, write this blog at least.

I am still writing two books I started ages ago and the journey is slow, but this coming week I hope to charge ahead with renewed vigour.

My few days at home resting have also meant that I have had to watch and listen to the news which can be depressing. In my pursuit of happiness (not to be confused with the film title spelt differently) I came across this: Happy News website, which as the website's name suggests is full of news which is not miserable, not depressing, not endlessly sad, but actually happy and positive. It is an American site as you will soon realise but here is a British news site with a positive but slightly different approach.