Saturday, September 03, 2011

Competitions- win a GCSE study guide to Animal Farm

Today amongst other things, I'm writing about a competition to win something free, so read on....

What inspired me to do this? Well I purchased a copy of a Writers' magazine called Writing which I hadn't read before. I used to subscribe to the Writers' Forum magazine which I found useful but my subscription has lapsed and I now receive my copy of Author from the Society of Authors every so often and that keeps me ticking along. And Writing had lots of competitions advertised in it.

I hope that my fiction writing will be rejuvenated this year after a bit of a focus on other things. To this end I have been looking through my new purchase and deciding on which competitions if any to enter. I half contemplated entering the Mslexia novel competition for women but I fear 27 days is not enough time for me to produce a novel for adults. I will have to bear this competition in mind for next year.  Getting impatient? The free book is coming!

A  lot of competitions seem to be for short stories which I'm not sure I'm too great at writing but some are for poetry which is more my thing so I may be tempted to submit a few creations to some competitions and see where they take me.

I am of course still working towards my dissertation. In fact on Thursday I went to the British Library to renew my readers' pass as a few articles which I wanted to read for my dissertation from journals were VERY difficult to locate and the good old British Library seemed to be the only accessible place that had them! And now... the free book thing.

Having read about competitions and to celebrate my MA nearing completion, I thought I might have a competition on my blog- yes you read right- here on my blog... to win... a free copy of my GCSE study guide to Animal Farm. In order to win this happy treat, one lucky reader needs to tell me which pig in the book Animal Farm is based on Joseph Stalin from Russian history? Easy! So email me a response via my profile. Deadline is the end of the month. Good luck!