Sunday, February 13, 2011

Travel Bug

I am currently reading The Bride's Farewell by Meg Rosoff, the American writer whose writing style I love, and whilst I work on redrafting quite a different genre of novel, I thought I'd read for inspiration.

Life has been busy of late. Having spent a week in Tunisia at the end of December, I managed to escape some of the snow, only to return in what seemed like the nick of time.... a week later riots erupted in Tunis and the president fled the country!

After the fiasco last year in Malta, I'm beginning to think someone is trying to tell me to stay home!! Yes, I got stuck in Malta as a result of the ash cloud  back in March and what with this new event in Tunisia ... I am beginning to wonder. Not so much that I have abandoned a forthcoming trip, I hasten to add. Who would? I'm a sucker for the sun.

Another journey is afoot- this time I will be going out to the Gulf region to carry out some education related work and I'm looking forward to the experience.

Once I'm sitting at the main computer, I'll upload some photos of Tunisia - until then ma'asalama, goodbye and au revoir.