Saturday, May 12, 2007


I am feeling better today, so I have been organising myself- boxing books and files I don't use and generally tidying up.

I figure if I am going to edit my work why not edit my house?

Tidy room = tidy mind = tidy book

I have also decided to accept the offer I have of studying for an MA in Writing for Children at Winchester next year. I did wonder whether this might preclude me from writing for adults and getting published but I came to the conclusion this was unlikely.

My Writing Magazine arrived today and, in it, I saw a number of books which I thought I would list here for you all:

The Freelance Writers' Handbook- writing for and approaching different markets

3AM Epiphany- 200 writing exercises to help idea forming, revision, rewriting and developing characters

38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes- does what the title says

How Fiction Works- how to write using effective words, sentences and paragraphs

Dynamic Characters-advice on how to achieve powerful characters