Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sweet Sunday

I CANNOT remember the last time I had a relaxing, completely unaware of time, lazy, restful, stay in bed and take your time doing shopping Sunday! But today is ONE OF THOSE DAYS!!

I am loving it. I am currently sitting in my pink dressing gown contemplating what to cook- yes cook, I still remember how to do that- just about- for dinner, and wondering what yummy ingredients I can purchase from the shop. I also intend to take at least two hours to stroll around the supermarket rather than the mad twenty minute dash akin to Supermarket Sweep I normally have to adopt.

If you are wondering why I am using strange FONT and colours you need to look at Anita Loughrey's blog and follow the link from there....

I'm going to experiment a bit with food today, in the same way that I'm having fun with my letters. After all cooking and writing are both CREATIVE EXPERIENCES, are they not?!