Saturday, July 22, 2006

Published works

Hello everyone. I'm still developing and editing One of a Kind like mad, and it's going well, I'm glad to say. Once it's all done, I'll send the manuscript off to the agent again and keep my fingers crossed.

My GCSE York Notes on Journey's End have the front cover image showing on Amazon. I've copied it here for you and provided a link to Pearson's, for anyone who needs the notes?!!

As is standard with the new look York notes, my name's not on the cover but my name is inside on the front page. I should be receiving my copies in August and I'm really looking forward to that! Yay.

Other educational writing news- I've agreed to supply two resources to a small educational publisher called Classroom Resources with whom I've already published a couple of resources.

One of my resources is on Much Ado About Nothing and the other is on A Midsummer Night's Dream. They're the resources with codes of 5149 and 5150, in the English Shakespeare section.

Even more news- I received the last of my advance for the Hodder Year 7 Resource which is due out in January, I think. I 'll have to confirm this and once I have a link or image I'll definitely tell you all.

And finally, I noticed that the OCR examination board has paid me for marking 326 GCSE scripts, so I'm a pretty happy bunny today. Sorry if I sound overjoyed. It's because I am!